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Do you love Frostgrave? So do I. But I don't enjoy random encounter tables very much.
They distract me from the flow of the game and as long as I don't own (and find the time to paint) all the monster miniatures, I either have to keep rerolling or write my own tables.
This website does just that, only fast and convenient. Select the miniatures you have available and you're ready to roll. Through the magic of Cookies, to which you are consenting by using this website, your browser will even remember your selections for the next game.

However, similar to a warband manager, this website is not intended to replace any of the rulebooks or supplements, which is why I'm trying to use copyrighted material respectfully. Monsters are shown along with their basic statline for game flow and convenience, but for advanced rules, i.e. explantions of the special terms mentioned in the Notes section or alternative monster behaviours, I generally refer to the correct book and page. My goal is for players to get the best out of the Random Encounters rule in the game and to get new players interested in the many excellent supplements and how they can enrich every single game of Frostgrave. For questions or feedback, feel free to contact me via instagram or Facebook (links at the bottom of this page), where I'm usually quite active in the Frostgrave group. If you'd like others to try your own monster submissions, get in touch! If you would like to support this project and pitch in a few coins for webhosting, there is a Paypal link below.


P.S.: Are you interested in monsters? Check out James Holloway's excellent podcast
Monster Man.

Note:  I am using material copyrighted by Osprey Publishing (part of Bloomsbury) without their permission. If you are the copyright holder and deem the use of the monster stats or book covers improper, simply reply to my email and I will make modifications accordingly.

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Second Edition (2020)

Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City

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Thaw of the Lich Lord

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Into the Breeding Pits

Expansion III (2016)

Forgotten Pacts

Expansion IV (2017)

The Frostgrave Folio

Expansion V (2018)

The Maze of Malcor

Expansion VI (2019)

The Wizards' Conclave

Expansion VII (2019)

Perilous Dark

Expansion VIII (2020)

The Red King

Expansion IX (2021)

Blood Legacy


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